Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Nov 19, 2013, at 6:56 AM
    So this week was pretty interesting and it went by pretty quick. I gave a talk in church already. Just 5 minutes. We are supposed to speak in all Spanish but I stink at Spanish still so I did as much as I could and then reverted to English when I couldnt figure out how to say what I wanted in Spanish. I listen to Sacrament meeting so intently now but I understand so much less than I would if I was like half asleep haha.
    Every Sunday we watch a movie from 8:00-9:30 (church movie of course). This weeks was about when Christ visited the Amercias (I dont know what the name of the movie is). The thing I got out of it was that Christ blessed the children basically first thing when he arrived in the Americas. It was interesting to me because we are all instructed to become as little children (humble, forgiving, etc). IT was just interesting to me because I was thinking that if we do as we are supposed to and become like little  children then Christ will administer to/bless us first.
    Another thing I thought was interesting this week came from Sacrament meeting. Background. Bombs go off in Mexico City, not real bombs, they are all just homemade fireworks supposedly. One of the teachers told this kids class that there was a war (to scare them a little). When he finally told them the truth he said that "There is a spiritual war. A war for the souls of men." I thought that was really interesting because as missionaries we really are fighting for the souls of men. We are fighting to be able to help the souls of men return to their father in heaven. Really cool thought.
     So we jsut got 2 new roommates, Elders Zarko and Saldaña. They are super nice and speak spanish to us every night to try and help us out. The CCM instructs the natives to learn english also so we try to help them out with that as well.
For the first time ever I am actually keeping a Journal. I write in it about every 4 days or so but I can already see how I´ve been changing since before I left (my first entry was tuesday night before I left). Its really nice to have because I can get rid of my frustration with language,companion, whatever else since I can´t really talk about them with anyone. I just hope I can keep it up once I leave the CCM.
     This week we get two new "investigators". They are just the teachers here but its pretty good practice. I´ve realized that Im really bad at keeping conversations going, especially in Spanish.
Spanish is coming along fairly well. I can understand most of what I read but I really can´t understand the natives to save my life. They talk to fast for me. It´s kind of frustrating but then I remember I have only been here for 2 weeks and I feel better haha. This week I´ve been trying to learn how to roll my tongue. i swear I´m the only one that cant do it. Its really pretty annoying because I cant always roll it when I need to when Im speaking so the meanings of my words can get changed a bit. the difference between pero (but) and perro (dog) is a rolled R. Hopefully Ill get it down soon.
     Showers. My shower is timed by the amount of time it takes the shower pan to flood. About 5-6 minutes. The drains here are absolutely horrible. I think its because everyone is showering at the same time though. It still kind of amazes me that I can shower so quick since my fastest ones at home were like 15 minutes hahaha. And yes mom, the towel works fine. Elder Grzan gets mad at me for walking to the shower and back naked though. Someday he will learn that its not that wierd.
    We got to slackline this week! we did it during our exercise time. We are going to use it again today while our laundry is in the wash. No one yelled at us last time we used it so I think we will be fine.
    The food here is usually REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD. Theres basically no in between. Some of the missionaries here only eat cereal, no wonder they are all getting sick. I´ve been trying everything they have even if I think it looks nasty. I´m pretty proud of myself. Also the food is good enough for me that I usually have two servings of everything and then 2-3 bowls of cereal and a banana. I think I might get fat if I stay here much longer.
The first counselor of the mission presidency told us some stories this week. One about the FIRST time he was robbed and one about the FIRST time he was kidnapped. Im not going to recount the stories. I just thought it was funny because it really sounds to me like hes been robbed and kidnapped pretty often haha.He basically told us that as long as you follow the commandments of God you will be safe. He still is haha.
    Erik asked how my companion and district are. They are both pretty good. My companion is a year older than me. Definitely better at teaching. Thats what going on splits with the missionaries for about a year before you come is for. My district is awesome. We are all super good friends so its easy to have a good time while still being obedient to the mission rules.
    So yeah. I´m 1/3 done with the CCM. I can´t wait to get out and be able to teach people and to serve the Latino people in Missouri. I´m glad that you all are being able to be missionaries at home. It´s be a blast. I´ll talk to you next week though. Love you guys!
          Elder Nyholm
P.S. When studying gospel doctrine or talks follow David Bednars method and look for the doctrine taught, Invitations made, and Promises for following those invitations. It´s pretty good advice I´d say.

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