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This week went by quick just like the rest. Sorry I didn't e-mail yesterday. It was Martin Luther King Day so the library was closed :/ also I don't have much time today because we have an appointment to be to in 35 mins. So I'll try my best to be descriptive ;)
Sooooo. I bought a bike last week and I love it. We can get places soooooo much faster now which is awesome because it means more time in houses teaching. Also, the weather was suuper warm for a few days so we were actually able to ride them for basically the whole week. Once it gets below 30 degrees or so we don't ride them anymore because it's too cold to have the wind blowing in your face.
Mom asked me a few questions so I'll do my best to answer them. My companionship is going pretty well fortunately. My only complaint is that my Elder Sanchez doesn't speak as much Spanish to me as I would like (because he's learning English) and that he doesn't understand that other people don't always want to do everything he wants to do. It makes it pretty frustrating some times but it's not too bad compared to how he could be. The language is coming along decent. I can understand most of what people say now but not enough to get specifics. It's like I can understand the general idea but can't get enough to have a response to what they say. It's a bit frustrating but I know that I will understand with a little more time.
Exciting news for the week. Elder Sanchez and I set a baptismal date with a guy named Marcos. He lives with a less active so we are trying to get the less active to be active again so it'll be like a double whammy... baptism + reactivation. So that baptism is scheduled for February 1 which will come pretty quickly so we we'll see what happens :D
Spiritual Thought for the week. I read a scripture this week (Alma 57:19-22) and took some parts from it that I thought went together pretty awesome. Here's how it reads. "But behold, my little band of two thousand and sixty fought most desperately; yea, they were firm before the Lamanites. And as the remainder of our army was about to give way before the Lamanites, behold, those two thousand and sixty were firm and undaunted. Yea, they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them.  And now behold, it was these my sons to whom we owe this great victory; for it was they who did beat the Lamanites". So basically if we liken this set of scriptures to our lives we can see that we are like the 2000 warriors in our day. We, the people who strive to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ have the ability to overcome temptations (Lamanites) in our lives. We just need to obey every word of command of God with exactness and it shall be done according to our faith. As we read our scriptures and pray daily, attend church, keep the 10 commandments and other commandments of God, we will become the people that God wants us to become so that can help lead others to overcome temptations and trials in their lives. We are in a war today, a war to overcome the things of the world and to become more like other Father in Heaven and we can only do these things by listening to his commands and following the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Last thing before I wrap up. We had companion exchanges this week. It was awesome. I was really dreading it because I didnt want to have to work with someone new and have to put up with a new set a quirks that come with living with a new person. But, it actually went really well and I kind of almost wish that I could have my other companion instead haha. That might change if I had to spend more than 24 hours with him but who knows. I guess I just need to keep looking on the bright side and everything will turn out just perfect. Attitude really is the thing that makes things turn out good or bad I guess.
Well that's all guys. Sorry it's kind of a boring e-mail this week. Interesting stuff goes on but I don't write it down and then I forget and then my e-mails are boring. I'll try to do better though :D Anyways, I love you all and hope all is going well back at home :D
           -Elder Nyholm

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