Friday, September 12, 2014

Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 2:45 PM
Subject: A Miracle Week
So this week went really well and really fast. The nice part of it was that we had a sweet little miracle on Saturday. Elder Drinkall and I have picked up the attitude of "if you see a U-Haul truck just stop and help. It works better than tracting this area anyways". So that's what we did on Saturday. We finished unloading one family that was moving into our apartments and then we went to visit a Less-Active member of the ward. Well on our way over there we saw a guy trying to lift a riding lawnmower out of a U-Haul truck without a ramp and by himself. So we pulled up quick and ran up and helped the guy. Well when we put down the mower I looked up and this guy's wife looked at me and said "Hey. You look really familiar. I think you knocked on my door in Independence about 2 months ago". Well I sure did knock on this Lady's door about 2 months ago with Elder Parry. So she invited us in to share a message with her and her husband because she doesnt believe in coincidences and because "we showed up like angels" to help her husband get the mower out of the truck. So we shared the message of the restoration with their family and now they are super excited to come to church. (They were going to come this last Sunday but her husband got pink eye :(  ). So yeah... we definitely consider it a miracle and we are pretty excited now haha.
The other really great thing that happened this week was that we went over to see Hermana Vega in our ward with her hometeachers. Well, she planned on making us lunch so we got there and she fed us all lunch and then told us that she had a Tres Leche for dessert. And man was that Tres Leche delicious. That was also the first time that I've had hispanic food since I was in my first area so it was a really nice treat.
And one more little miracle. Sister Gough loves to bake and offered to make me chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. They were pretty delicious and lasted me through a few Breakfast and Lunch meals :)
Transfers are this week but I'm 99% sure I'll stay where I'm at because of the Opening and Training situation. I'm really starting to love the people in this area also so I am pretty glad that I don't have too worry too much about moving out.
Something that I really like from the scriptures and that gives me some strength and motivation when I feel down. Isaiah 49:16 "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." I really like this scripture because I think the times when we are feeling down and discouraged are the times when we forget that we have a loving Heavenly Father who will do anything for us. A loving Heavenly Father who knows and remembers everything about us. And he never ever forgets us. I think about Jesus Christ, who took upon him the sins of the world, who has the prints from the nails "graven... upon the palms of [his] hands". He cannot and will not forget us. I just wish that each and every person could be better at having Christ graven upon our hearts... That each one of us could be better examples in all that we do so that we could be more effective in helping others to come unto Christ. It's something that I know I need to work on every single day. But I know that as we do work to become more dedicated to the Lord and continue to engrave him upon our hearts that we will receive more blessings and happiness in our lives and become more devoted disciples of Christ.
That's pretty much it for the week. I'm looking forward to this bike week. Hopefully we will get some nice rain/lightning storms so that we don't have so much heat. It's better to be wet from rain than from sweat. I love you all!
    -Elder Nyholm

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