Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:01 AM
Subject: 1 Transfer Down
This week was the weirdest week I've had on my mission by far. Not because anything really strange happened, more because NOTHING happened. It snowed all day Tuesday so we couldn't go outside. Tuesday the temperature was below 0 so we couldn't walk. Wednesday was about the same but we left for about 30 mins to visit someone. Thursday, Same. Friday we actually got out and taught some lessons and found some new investigators. Good day. Saturday was too cold to leave again. Sunday it was too cold and snowed again so we could leave... So yeah, pretty much a super bummer week. I did have plenty of time to read, write, study, and most importantly, eat :D
So needless to say. I really don't like snow. I kind of despise it actually. Also because we were stuck inside most of the week I really have just about nothing to write about. Hopefully some thoughts will come to me in the next few minutes haha. I'll give you a spiritual thought while I think.
So yesterday while I was stuck inside studying/reading I found a cool scripture in Jeremiah (where I think I've never read in my life before). So Jeremiah 29:12-12 Says "Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye search for me with all your heart". So the two points that I really thought were awesome. 1) If we pray to God, he will hear us and "Hearken" unto us, which in my mind means that he will work with us to bring about our desires, assuming that they are in line with his will. No strings attached. We pray and he answers us and helps us. Simple as that. 2) If we want to FIND God (Know his will, have a relationship with him, know what he wants of us, etc) then we need to search for him with "all our heart". We can't know God and his desires and plans for us unless we really give him our all, unless we study,ponder, and pray. If you want to know a person you cant just talk to them one time and automatically know them. You need to spend time with them, serve them, listen to them, and eventually you will become acquainted with them through hours of conversation throughout weeks, months, etc. And so it is with God. If we truly want to know him then we need to spend time on our knees praying to him. We need to serve him by serving our fellow men. We need to listen to the guidance that he gives us throughout our lives. So if you really want to know God and what he has planned for your life, give the time and effort needed to develop a relationship with him.
So I had written some stuff in my planner to talk to you about but I switched planners because its a new transfer so I don't have them :/ One of the things that I can remember though. Last Monday, before the weather went bad, Elder Sanchez and I rode our bikes to a house. There was still lots of ice on some of the roads so it was pretty fun and scary at them same time. It was fun because you could "drift" around corners kind of how you would in a car if you pulled the e-brake in the snow. So that part was just awesome. The scary part is that sometimes you would start to slide without meaning to so you would almost fall. My bike was sliding left and right over just about everything so I had to be pretty careful and ready to put a foot down. So yeah, pretty scary but at the same time pretty darn fun.
The Spanish. I don't think I've told you about it in a while so Ill take the time right now to talk about it. So right now is a pretty frustrating time with Spanish. I understand just about everything I read. I can say just about everything I want (although sometimes it includes some Spanglish, but the people still understand). The only problem is that I have the worst time understanding what other people are saying to me. I've started listening to Conference talks and watching movies in Spanish during my language study just so that I can practice listening so hopefully that will help a bit. Speaking of Spanglish, heres a good phrase that you can say with words that are not even close to Spanish but Spanish speakers still understand. Yo necesito a parkear mi troka en la yarda. You've probably figured our that it means "I need to park my truck in the yard". The problem is that the real way to say it is "Necesito a estacioner mi camineta en la cochera". But yeah, Spanglish is way better than Spanish ;)
So thats it for the week. I hope all is going well for you at home :D Love you all!
     -Elder Nyholm

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