Monday, March 17, 2014

Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 8:41 AM
Subject: I Might Get Booted Out
So this week could be my last week here in Rio Kaw. I'll find out tomorrow whether I stay here or go somewhere else. I think I'll be fine with anything as long as I don't get sent to an English area (which happens to some Spanish Elders). I figure that wherever I go I will have the opportunity to grow and learn a ton since I'll be put in a new situation without a Native Speaking companion. It's possible that I'll have one more transfer with Elder Sanchez but I really doubt it. But we will see what happens and I'll let you know next week.
I read your story last week about how you went to the Mocho Branch for some meeting or another and a Spanish lady translated the whole time for you. You said it was probably pretty difficult and I would have to agree. In sacrament meeting we have translators for English to Spanish. When I first got here I listened in the headphones so that I would listen to Spanish instead of English but then I realized it would be even better practice if I just translated English to Spanish for myself. So now I spend the entire meeting translating in my head, and believe me, it is hard. Especially with my limited Spanish skills. But I'm always getting better so that good :D
We have a baptism this Saturday! A 9 year old boy named Jeremy Birdwell. His parents had been less-active so he just didn't have the chance to get baptized, but he will be baptized this saturday by his Dad :D It's awesome because his parents are super motivated to go to the temple to get sealed now so it's just an awesome situation all around. The only bummer is that I might leave here on Thursday so I won't be able to be there :/ We'll see what happens though and hope for the best :D
We had a super awesome lesson this week with a Spanish (Less-Active) lady named Delia Cervantes. We were teaching her about faith (from Ether 12:12,16... Read it!) and I asked her "Do you have faith Sister. If so, can you move a water bottle with your faith?". She responded "Yes, I have 100% faith and I can move the bottle with my faith". So I put my water bottle in the middle of a floor and said "OK. Move the water bottle with your faith in three seconds." She stared at the bottle super intense and then when it didn't move she started blowing at it to get it to move (but it still didn't move). She was really bummed because she didn't get it to move with her faith but then Elder Sanchez asked me if I could move it with my faith. I said yes then picked it up and moved it. It really hit home for Hermana Cervantes because it helped her to realize that faith really is a principle of action. If you only believe, that's not enough. You gotta act.
We did have an awesome week this week for teaching, which is great. 10 lessons with members present and another 12 lessons to less-actives, which is awesome here in this mission. So we are pretty stoked about that. We are on bikes this week, which is a bummer, but we are hoping we will be able to be just as effective. Other than having an awesome teaching week nothing much else interesting happened. But this week will be interesting (maybe) with transfers. I'm kinda looking forward to the day when I hear "You're not in Kansas anymore Elder". We'll see how soon that day comes ;) Anyways, I love you guys and hope all is going well for you at home. Have an awesome week and I'll do the same!
       -Elder Nyholm

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