Friday, May 8, 2015

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This week didn't go quite as well as last week but it still went pretty darn good. We are working really hard on finding new investigators as our teaching pool is quite small. It's hard because we are in such a small town and every other town is 15+ miles away. It's 47.7 miles to one of the towns in the area and we only have 50ish miles to use each day. It makes it pretty rough to work with the members of the ward as well because less than half of them live within a distance that we can actually drive and still stay within our mileage limitations. But it's all good. We make the best of it.
Adam-Ondi-Ahman was pretty dang awesome. Super spiritual experience to go there. We had a guy from our ward go with us that knows a lot about the place. We saw the valley overlook, a old burial plot from the native americans, preachers rock, Lyman Wight's cabin foundation, etc. Preachers rock is sweet because someone can talk in a normal voice from there and you can hear them from a 100+ yards away just fine. We are planning on going there again sometime to eat dinner/lunch there are have him show us around some more. We didn't have a lot of time to look around because we were with 16 other missionaries haha.
We had a super fun service project this week. There is a family in our ward that needed a transmission replaced on their car. We were able to remove the transmission from the parts car and from the car that needed the replacement and we were about halfway to replacing the transmission when we found out that the motor mount was broken. It's a dang good thing we put a chain on the motor or we would've been squashed haha. But yeah, it was a fun project and we learned a lot about working on cars and stuff and were also able to meet a few people that we are going to try to teach in the future.
We had the most spiritual lesson I've ever had this week with Jon Siebenborne (Or Slobbinbean as he calls himself). We watched the ancient 2002 movie "Between Heaven and Earth" with him that talks about the purpose of temples and then just had a super great discussion with him and Bro Jacobsen. You could've cut the spirit with a knife because it was so thick in the room. Awesome experience.
We also had  Zone Training this week. I like those because we get to see a lot of other missionaries. I'm not a big fan of all the trainings because it takes so much time out of visiting the people in our area, especially when we have to drive an hour to get to the training. It wasn't so bad in Independence when it only took 3 hours because all we had to do was walk across the street to the church building. When we are in Trenton those Trainings take a good 6 hours out of our day. It's a huge bummer.
We ate breakfast at this little restaurant in Trenton called " The Country Cupboard". It's way cheap and delicious food. It's packed for breakfast. We couldn't even find a place to park to get into the place. Luckily we had a member feeding us and she got there early so we didn't have to wait 30 mins to sit down and eat. But dang, that food was good. Definitely a place to stop and eat if you ever drive through.
At church this week our Branch President told us a story about a town that had a giant statue of Christ that was partially destroyed in a war. Although the majority of the town was destroyed and many people had no homes to sleep in, the statue of Christ was the first thing that they repaired. The only part of the statue they were not able to find were the hands. In current day, there is a plaque below the statue that says "Christ has no hands but ours". I thought that was super inspiring because Christ truly reaches out to people through us. As D&C says “remember in all things the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted, for he that doeth not these things, the same is not my disciple”. When we reach out to those in need we act in place of our Savior and help his work to progress. I know that to be true because I have seen in so many times during the course of my life.
Cooking lunch this week. Hahaha... we were fed 6 of our 7 lunches. I only had to cook once woohoo. And when I did, I definitely overcooked the chicken. I made some good BBQ sauce though so I just covered the chicken with that and it tasted great. I don't think I will be so lucky this week :/
Well here are some pictures. Make it a great week. Love You!
     -Elder Nyholm
Picures. Savage Grandma mowing her lawn. Working on the transmission. Elder Monroe (my old companion) and I close to preachers rock in AOA


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