Saturday, October 31, 2015

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On Wednesday we ran a family history booth at the community college in town. We were able to talk to a lot of young people which was good but not many of them were very interested in family history. I just walked around with a bowl of candy and pass along cards and invited everyone to come over to the booth and learn more. It was fun just going round and giving people candy haha. 
Thursday night was Witches Night downtown. We had planned to go street contacting downtown that day without knowing that is was Witches Night so we still went and street contacted. To answer your questions, Witches Night is a night when all the old ladies go downtown dressed up as witches and drink a lot of alcohol. There are some people that go and don't drink though so those are the ones we talked to :) We were able to talk to quite a few people so it was a pretty good night for us. 
Saturday we went to a family history discovery day that was really boring. They taught all of us missionaries how to do family history even though we aren't allowed to use family history software. So it was pretty much just a useless time spent in the church building. But after that we went to the Ferrys and helped them chop up wood so that was pretty fun. 
In Alma 31:38 it says in respect to some missionaries in the Book of Mormon that "[The Lord] also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ." I love that this scripture doesn't say that our afflictions go away, but that our afflictions will be swallowed up with the joy of Christ. I know that as we rejoice in Christ and his Atonement and do our best to draw close to him that we will have no trial that will overcome us and that cannot be overcome in the joy of Christ. 
Well I think that's about it. I love you!
     -Elder Nyholm

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