Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 8:14 AM
Subject: Super Quick Great Week
This week felt like at flew past even quicker than normal because we e-mailed on Tuesday last week. That, and we had a pretty decent teaching week. It wasn't nearly as good as we would've liked but its all good because we had a few investigators come to church which is really the most important indicator of whether our teaching is being effective or not. So yeah, pretty exciting week in terms of getting people to church. One of the other reasons that we didn't get as much teaching in as we would have liked is because we had a service project every other day or so. I figure that service projects are prime times for finding people who will be interested in the Gospel because they can see that we actually provide the service instead of just walking around and talking about it. There are always people watching us, they can see the differences that we make in the lives of others.
I'm a little sad this week because my District Leader is getting sent home because of health problems :/ He leaves today so it's a pretty big downer. He's probably the best missionary that I've seen out here and he's been the best example to me out of any other missionary I've met out here so I'm really bummed that he's leaving. On the plus side, he should be able to come back in about 4 months when he gets better so I'll get to see him again. He will also be out the same amount of time as me when he gets back so we will leave our missions together which is pretty cool.
There was one quote that I heard this week that I thought was really good. It's that if you live as you should "Others will know Jesus Christ by knowing you". That really stood out to me because as missionaries we have the name of Jesus Christ written on our chest all of the time. But even more important is that as members of the Church we should each have the name of Jesus Christ written upon our hearts as we promised that we would when we were baptized and as we take the Sacrament each week. Because we have that name written upon our hearts we should be standing as witnesses of Christ in all times and in all places, acting as he would in all that we do. And as we do that, "Others [truly] will know Jesus Christ by knowing [us]".
We did have one really entertaining service project this week. Elder Parry and I had to move a refrigerator all on our own because the people we were moving it for are old and couldn't do it themselves. So we get this fridge outside and into a little trailer and the old man starts driving away with it and we are following him. It was a great sight to watch because the road was pretty bumpy and that refrigerator was getting some pretty good hang-time. I was pretty surprised that it didn't fly right out over the edge of the trailer, especially as he went over the railroad tracks at about 35-40 mph. Pretty fun to watch. We followed at a pretty long distance...
That's about it for the week. All in all it was a great week that went by waaaaaaay too fast. That's good though. Have a great week everyone. I love you guys!
        -Elder Nyholm

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