Monday, July 28, 2014

Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 9:39 AM
Subject: Happy 4th of July
We had a super awesome week this week. On the 4th of July we had welcome interviews with our new mission president, President Vest. Right after that all us Elders went over to the CoC (Community of Christ; Formerly RLDS) Auditorium to be ushers for a George Dyer Concert. It was super awesome because we had permission to stay and watch the concert. Something other than MoTab sounds really good after that is all you've heard for 8 months haha. Especially when you have permission from the Mission President to listen to it. So after the concert we had to be at home at 9:30 right when fireworks started. It just so happens that they do the fireworks right across the street from our apartment so we got to watch the firework show also, which was a pretty nice treat. Most missionaries couldnt see the fireworks from their apartments so we are pretty lucky that we got nice front row seats in our drive way. So yeah, 4th of July was surprisingly great for us.
So in terms of missionary work, we've been teaching a lot of Part-Member families lately. We have about 6 youth that are ready to baptized and have the desire to be baptized, the problem is that their parents either aren't supportive or are just plain old lazy and won't bring their kids to church. It's pretty sad when a returned missionary won't bring his own kids to church so that they can get baptized. That's the way it goes though I guess. So those are the challenges that we are facing right now. Parents... hahaha.
I heard a quote this week that I really liked that said "Ability is what you are capable of. Motivation is what you do. Attitude is how you do it". It really reminded me of 1 Nephi 3:6 which says "Therefore go, my son, and thou shalt be favored of the Lord, because thou hast not murmured". I think attitude is one of the most important things in our life that we have the ability to control. It's motivating to me to know that as we follow the commandments of the Lord and do so with a grateful and willing heart, that God will bless us because we have not murmured, which reminds me of another quote I heard this week which says that "When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes a quest, God immediately endows us with power". So again, the attitude that we have towards being obedient to the commandments of the Lord is ultimately what will help us become worthy of the blessings of the Lord.
So our neighbors, the Buzards, are in their 70's and not doing so well in terms of health. Anyways, they wanted to BBQ a 16 lb brisket on the 4th of July so we helped them get this huge piece of meat on the BBQ at about 8 in the morning. Then at about 8:45 I look out the window and there are flames coming out of the BBQ so I run outside and Sister Buzard is stuck on her wheelchair ramp because her wheelchair ran out of battery. Anyways, she askes me to put out the flaming brisket so I do and then for the rest of the morning we were putting out flames on this huge hunk of meat because the Buzards couldn't get out to save it due to their health. Well we finally had to leave for good to go to a meeting but at night when we came back Brother Buzard walked up to us and said "The brisket died. It burned and went to Hell". Just a funny moment that I just remembered that I thought you would get a laugh out of.
Well that's about it for the week. I hope all is going well for you all at home. Have a fantastic week. I love you all!
          -Elder Nyholm
P.S. Here are two pictures that I found that I just really love. Thought you would enjoy them.


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