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Hey Everyone!

This week has been very hectic for me but has gone by super fast.
On Tuesday I went on exchanges in Blue Springs with the Zone Leaders.
That was the first time that I had been in the Blue Springs area and I really enjoyed it. I was with Elder Behymer, who is from the San Diego area. Then, the next day, Wednesday, I went to Kansas City 3rd Ward to do exchanges with Elder Antonio. The Kansas City 3rd Ward was my area before I went to Trenton. It was awesome because I was able to see some of the old people that I taught, like the Davies and Emily.
On Thursday we finally finished adding information to our new area book planner. We had to transfer all of our paper records to electronic records and it took a really long time and was very tedious and boring. But now we are happy that is all over. And, it is a lot easier to find potentials and former investigators records so that we can contact them. So in the end, I think that this new electronic Area Book tuff is really going to make missionary work a lot more effective.
On Friday we contacted several of our potential investigators. We were super blessed in that it seemed like we were always pulling up to the right house at the right time. Usually you try about 10 potentials and actually talk to 1-2 of them. On Friday we tried about 7 and were able to talk to about 5 of them. It was super sweet and now we have a lot more people to teach. So yeah, we are pretty excited about that.
Saturday we basically did service all day, which was good but kind of a bummer at the the same time. We helped one family cut down some big tree branches that they couldnt cut down alone. Then we went and shoveled a bunch of gravel/dirt for a family that is building a new retaining wall in their front yard. After that we helped someone clean their garage. The guy is in a wheelchair so there was no way he would've been able to do it all on his own. Then we got really lucky and someone brought us to "Legends of Asia", the best Chinese buffet that I've ever been to. I went there once about a year ago when I was serving in Independence and I've been wanting to go back ever since so I was extra excited to go this time :)
On Sunday we didn't have morning meetings because it was the 5th Sunday. So Elder Cope and I were excited to be studying and stuff that morning. Well, then we got a message at 7:15 asking if I would give a talk in Sacrament meeting at 9:00. So there went our relaxing morning haha. Well, mine anyways. But it all turned out well and I think I did OK even though I had such short notice and stuff. You'd think that after 22 months of teaching and talking to random people off the street that you wouldnt be nervous about giving talks anymore. Wrong.
I was still nervous as heck haha.

Well I think that's about it for the week. It's been a pretty normal week by missionary standards so we will have to see what next week brings. I feel like I don't usually have two "normal" weeks in a row.
We'll see :) Make it a great week. I love you!

   -Elder Nyholm

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