Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 8:42 AM
Hahaha Erik and Dad were in my area. Well two of them actually. They ate at a McDonalds about 10 minutes away from our apartment and took a picture at the mission office directly across the street from where I lived for 4.5 months. Yeah I liked the pictures haha. So how did you like my areas?
You say that eating is the typical Nyholm thing. It's funny because while I've been on my mission I've come to find that it's "feast or famine" so when there's a feast you better eat good. Elder Lokeni and Elder Spencer always make fun of me because I eat more than them (and they aren't small guys) and I'm still not fat (yet). And you never know if a member has dessert or not so I always make sure to eat until I'm stuffed and then if they do happen to have dessert, well heck, there is always more room for dessert. Eating is one thing I've really come to enjoy while on my mission.
I heard that Livermore is getting hammered by rain, which is a good thing right? Everyone here asks me if I think California is going to get washed away and just fall into the ocean. I guess it's possible right. i hope that doesnt happen though. But it's a good thing we have a boat at home I guess.
I'm glad that you and Kaitlin invited the missionaries over for dinner. I remember last Christmas we were opening the area and church got cancelled because of bad weather so we didnt really know anyone in the ward at all. It was a pretty miserable Christmas looking back. All good though. This one we are set with dinners and we actually know the ward :) Remember to ask those missionaries if they have somewhere to call from as well :)
Don't worry Mom I will try my hardest not to break my teeth or my ankle while playing basketball.
I was thinking about a few verses in Isaiah 53:2-6ish. Just read them. There is a lot that you can pull from those verses. The Atonement has been on my mind a lot lately and how we can utilize it every single day. It's the most important even that have has or will happen. It's a pretty big deal. I think it's important that we all understand it.
That's about it for the week. I'll talk to you on Thursday. I Love You! 
        -Elder Nyholm

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