Friday, June 19, 2015

From: Peter Nyholm [] Sent: Monday, June 8, 2015 10:45 AM
This week went by super fast and a lot of pretty cool stuff happened. First off, Sister Miller called you haha. I know her as Sister Cyborg though. And she always calls me Cyclops or Nyborg. She is so stinkin' awesome. Most of the missionaries get scared of her because when you first introduce yourself she says "Get away from me. You're annoying. I don't like missionaries". But then if you're persistent then you find out that she is really jsut a big teddy bear. If Sister Cyborg reads this then I'll just have to let her know that I won't share my secret with other missionaries so that they won't bother her :) But it was a pretty cool spiritual moment that she recounted huh?
#1 Sam is the daughter and Donna is the Mom. Jim is the Dad and Jason is the son. Jason was not baptized this last Saturday but the plan is that he will be baptized this coming Saturday. #2 Yes we got our "devices”. They are a pain. It would've been better if they just waited until I left to give them out. Maybe I'll learn differently, but as for now it just seems like another good distraction for most missionaries. There are a select few who I think will actually use them wisely and they will be very effective. I'm thinking I'll just put mine in a drawer and forget about it. #3 The Luau went SUPER well. We had about 150 people there and more than half were non-members. The hogs turned out great and tasted amazing. We didn't get to learn the Haka but they did teach us a different dance if we were willing to embarrass ourselves in front of the whole group, so naturally all us missionaries went up and learned haha. There are no Polynesians in Trenton at all. The dancers all came up from Independence.
I've never been up on Brushy Peak. I want to do a bunch of hikes when I get back though. I miss going hiking now. I hated it before. So I guess we'll have to do Brushy Peak and Del Valle when I get back.
For those pictures, I just wanted them digitally :)
Tell Dad that if he procrastinates the table for long enough that I would love to help him with it. Kaitlin isn't happy about me saying that because now maybe she'll have to wait a few more months, but since I've been out here I've really wanted to learn a lot more about wood working and metal working and auto-mechanics. We get to provide service doing a lot of that stuff and now I have kind of a new found interest in it all.
We had a mini-missionary (Braden Moser 16) with us for Friday through Sunday. He's an awesome kid and we had a lot of fun with him. He's a heck of a lot more prepared for a mission than I ever was haha. But yeah, that was a pretty good experience.
Something that stuck out to me from the scriptures this week. Mormon 8:23 says "Search the prophecies of Isaiah". Then Christ commands us the same thing. And so does Nephi. So now I have to study Isaiah haha. It;s crazy though if you think about it because Isaiah talks 100% about four main topics which are 1) Christ's Mortal Ministry; 2) Christ's Second Coming; 3) The Gathering of the Tribes of Israel; and 4) The Restoration, all of which are extremely important to us. So here goes my journey on studying Isaiah :)
That's it for the week. I would write more but this place is too loud and I can't concentrate. So I guess I'll save up some details for next week. Love You!
     -Elder Nyholm

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